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Barbershop Bay Rum

I am pleased to say that my Traditional Bay Rum Aftershave is now BACK IN STOCK .

Thank you to all my Customers, glad that you are enjoying it !!

For those that don't know, this is not a Mass Production of a cheap Bay Rum Scented Splash, as Unfortunately modern Bay Rum is made without Rum, the Bay Leaves are subjected to a steam distillation process to extract the fragrant Oils. Once extracted, the pure Oils can be blended with Carrier Oils, Perfumers Alcohol, Water, and other fragrance Oils like Citrus, Lavender, Rosemary and Juniper.

My Traditional Bay Rum is made the Old fashioned way, by letting Bay Leaves steep for six weeks in Rum with all Spice Berries, Cinnamon Sticks, Orange Peel, and other Spices.

It is priced at £10.60 (Plus £3.65 For UK Postage). £14.25 in Total.
Please contact :  
to check availability and to order.

Here are some comments from about my Traditional Bay Rum.....

"As someone who has been blending scent's for years, it's always nice to pass on a recipe and to see what others make of it.

Steve took a basic Bay Rum recipe and made it his own. He has added Bay, Clove and Mandarin essential oils, and given it a real flavour of "old Jamaicey"

The labelling he has chosen fit the product perfectly, a very professional looking product indeed.

Most of the Bay Rum you can buy today has no real rum in it at all, it's just an alcohol and water base flavoured with a cosmetic Bay Rum fragrance oil, or if there is real rum in there, it's just a token amount.

Steve has created the real thing, and it smells (in my opinion) far superior to the products you probably know from other perfume houses. It is spicy, elegant and manly all at the same time.

It would make a great companion to Bluebeards revenge, or if Steve wants to produce a matching soap on the pirate theme, that would go down very well, I think.

So, in summary, me hearties, get your hands on this double quick ye swabs, or ye'll be walkin' the plank afore sundown!
."    Professor Blighty


" Steve very kindly sent me a wee sample of this a little while back, and I was very impressed with it also.

I am in no position to comment on the authenticity of the smell of the stuff, but it certainly knocks the spots off Boots' own brand (which was what I had at the time to readily compare). What you can tell, however, is that it's made of real ingredients. Moreover, it's a tingle after you shave and a hint of the smell that doesn't outstay its welcome.

Defo a good 'un, and I am sure that rum fans would really like the stuff.
"    Lipsy


" I have had this for about a week now, but have been too busy to post.
I have to complement Steve on this product. It arrived very well packed. Once the packaging was removed I was left with a glass old fashioned style bottle of Barbershop Bay Rum after shave.
On opening the screw top bottle, I was met by the wonderful smell of the Bay Rum, which I would describe as sweet but not in a sickening way and you can actually smell the Rum.
The texture of the liquid is more akin to a luxury oil rather than a wishy washy mass produced product.
It spreads nicely and is not particularly agressive and did not sting to any great extent.
It has fast become one of my favorites. Would I buy it again?...OOhhhhhhhh YES."   Steve27752


" Hi Steve

Just to let you know i got my bay rum aftershave today and it smells superb..

Congratulations on another great product.

All the best

Mark "  


" I received this aftershave a week ago, I wanted to try it a few times before writing a review. This is my first attempt at writing a review so bear with me. 

After unpacking I opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the scent, I also tried a bit, I found that the scent lasts a long time, between 2-4 hours, which is nice. 

The next day I had a shave and tried it out, I usually find that aftershaves sting quite a lot, but there was very little with this.

The bottle is nice as well as it is possible to apply a few drops of the aftershave instead of half the bottle, which usually happens to me. 

Overall I am really happy I bought this product, and will definitely be buying more when I have used this up."   Adrian


" I was another customer of Sunburyboy's recent run of Barbershop Bay Rum. 

I'm quite a big user and fan of bay rum scents and already regularly use Ogalalla's orginal bay rum, also the lime and peppercorns variant, Pashana bay rum, and also Taylors of Old Bond Street original bay rum. Here's my thoughts:

The Barbershop bottle came well wrapped in bubblewrap, and in custom printed paper which was a nice touch. The bottle is a dark brown glass, reminicent of 1950s medicine bottles. It has a dropper fixed in the neck which is great for measuring out small amounts, and a plain black plastic lid. The label is plain and to the point, maybe a bit too simple, and so is really the only thing to hint toward the semi amateur nature of the product.

The liquid itself is dark and concentrated, far more so that any other bay rum I've seen. The smell is strong on first application which is how I like bay rum to be... initial smells are a huge vanilla hit, strong orange zest, then caramel and spicy rum. Applying it to the skin there is no real burn, which leads me to believe it has little actual alcohol left over from the steeping process. I'm told that the "rum" content is actual Jamaican rum so there has to be some left I guess, but it's not in such a high concentration to sting. The scent sticks around for a good while which I'm surprised by. TOBS's own bay rum lasts maybe 20 minutes, Ogalalla lasts an hour or so, Pashana about the same. Barbershop trumps those on longevity by a long way. As it fades, the citrus notes leave the building to be taken over by more caramel and vanilla with a bit of cinammon warmth. Very nice.

My pros: 1) It's good and spicy, and complex. 2) It lasts a while. Sunburyboy clearly does not skimp on quality ingredients, and so a little goes a long way. I use maybe half as much actual splash as I would with Ogalalla, and all to get a longer lasting smell. 3) It's all natural, so there is no added pure alcohol or chemicals.

The only con (and I'm being especially picky) is the packaging could be better looking.

All in all, 8 out of ten, a very good product and one I'll buy again. Recommended
."   Canuck


" I received a sample of this from Sunburyboy this morning. I haven't used it as a true aftershave yet, but I've had a blast of it as a fragrance.

I'm not a basenoter, so won't be talking about openings and midnotes. But I do like bayrum, and I know what bayrums I like.

For me, this one is great. It's nice and spicy, lots of different scents knocking around. One of the criticisms I have about most bayrums is they lack balance, there's always too much of something ponging around, so you either smell too clovey, or too much of cinnamon etc. I think Sunbury has struck gold with this method and has just the right amount of each ingredient, which leads to a great balance of flavours.

The dropper bottle is a masterstroke.
"   Cubert


" Very good stuff!! It will be my christmas AS for sure, I was quite mesmerized by the cloverish scent... 'twas my first encounter with bay rum and I must repeat myself it's a very good stuff ! "   Tritrek


" I have splashed a little of this marvellous stuff on twice today - just because I like it so much. It is very sweet to begin with but mellows nicely. It is totally different to any AS I have ever used in the past. Definitely going to be a regular part of my shaving ritual from now on. "   Gingerpose


+1 to this too.

I was lucky enough to get a sample of this last weekend, and I was really impressed.

It's my first experience with Bay Rum of any sort, and I loved it. Definitely going to get some more in the future


"   Jonno40


" Also recieved a sample at the weekend.

Before I recieved it I popped into Boots and had a look/smell of their version.

Sunburyboy's BayRum is definately a better AS.
Wonderful smell to it. I have only had a little go so far but can't wait to try a proper splash.

When funds permit I'll definately be purchasing some.
Top marks.
"   Sinister115


" My review and impressions on this special after shave:

1. Packaging / size / appearance: Nice looking glass bottle with plastic screw-in cap and a lovely designed label. Comes very well wrapped up in carton box and thick gift paper. A completely natural lotion with no artificial coloring, fragrances, or synthetic enhancers of any kind.

2. Price / availability: Very inexpensive, produced and shipped from the U.K., great value compared to what is offered by the competition.

3. Scent: Strong, long lasting, but not the 'medicinal' type of scent other Bay Rums have. Steve has done a truly great job here, fantastic balance of the key ingredients scent-wise as well.

4. Razor burn / Cooling action: Excellent, works well and at the same time does not sting as other Bay Rums do.

5. Moisturizing properties: Not something one normally looks from a Bay Rum, performance is average and as expected; in par with what competition offers.

6. Quality / overall: High quality natural product at a very reasonable price, terrific scent. If you happen to like Bay Rum, you have to have this product.

Summary - N_Architect's verdict:

1. Packaging / size / appearance: 4/5
2. Price / availability: 4/5
3. Scent: 5/5
4. Razor burn / Cooling action: 5/5
5. Moisturizing properties: 3/5
6. Quality / overall: 4/5
- Highly Recommended . "   N Architect 


I tried my sample for the 1st time this morning.

Totally thumbs up from me. I am one of those who has grown to like the scent of Bay Rum, and this does not disappoint. To me there is also a citrussy scent in amongst the Bay Rum goodness - not sure if that is just me?

The bottle dropper top thing is ace for getting the right amount with no spillage. My face also felt brilliant for the rest of the day. It seems to be soothing without a noticeable drying.

In all, recommended - so i have ordered a full bottle too!
"   AJP


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